Product variation

WooCommerce Product Table supports variable products and you are able to displays variation as dropdown lists. This feature increases the user experience and makes navigation much more convenient. Selection of the necessary product attribute incredibly flexible and fast with the Product Table.

You can either display variations as dropdown lists, as separate rows in the table.

Product table with variation dropdowns

Name Summary Thumbnail Tags Reviews Price Buy
Blue T-Shirt This is the product description , ,
4.00 out of 5
View cart
Blue Hoodie This is the product description ,
4.00 out of 5
View cart
Grey Hoodie This is the product description , ,
5.00 out of 5
View cart

Variations on separate rows

Name Summary Thumbnail Categories Price Buy


In order to display variable products you need:

  1. Move to the WooCommerce Tab and enable checkbox. 
  2. Add the variable products into the table in Manage Table Content. You can use Search for products to add certain items.
  3. Add the table properties (“Buy” columns is required).

  4. To add a product variations on separated rows – enable “show variations” option. It will subdivide the variable product into a list of separated items. 
  5. Set the other settings to build a table according to your exact needs.

  6. Once you make changes in settings, you can immediately see the result in the preview – for desktop, tablet and mobile. Open the “Setting” tab and check the table.
  7. Add the Product table into website content with the help of shortcode.

Quantities and Multiple add to cart

WooCommerce Product Table comes with “Add to cart button”, and additional options – “Quantity selector” and “Multiple add to cart”.

So, customers in your online store can select a Quantity of necessary products and and even add all selected items to cart in one go! You can use these options all together or separately, but anyway it will improve sales!

Product Table with “Quantity selector”:

Product Table with “Multiple add to cart”:

Responsive modes

It’s really important to make product table mobile friendly and  fully responsive, because Sales via smartphones and tablets account for 35%. Browsing and navigating a table must be easy, convenient and stress-free as much as possible.

WooCommerce Product table adapts the tables to the screen dimension in the most suitable way to use and works smoothly on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

WooCommerece Product Table Plugin provides 4 different modes of Responsive design according to your needs.

Resize the browser or view the page on a small device and the table will be adjust its size automatically based on screen size. Check these examples to see the difference in modes:

  • Standard Responsive mode

    In this mode if table content doesn’t fit all columns become under each other with one cell per row.

  • Automatic column hiding.  

In this mode table columns will collapse from right to left if content does not fit to parent container width. It means longer content will “wrap” onto extra lines as needed. This mode is perfect if you have a lot of columns in your table and the plugin can’t fit everything in. When the screen size gets too small, the plugin will collapse certain columns down so they are no longer visible, and a “+” icon will appear at the left of each row. This allows the user to expand the row to show its full contents.

  • Horizontal scroll. 

In this mode scroll bar will be added if table overflows parent container width.

  • Disable Responsivity.

Default table fluid layout.


Price List

With WooCommerce Product Table Plugin you can list your products in any way you like – catalog, order form, more advanced table with extra features and columns and even create Price list.

Using our plugin, you need not to waste time creating a WooCommerce price list manually. You can easily make a dynamic price catalog for all your products, and add instant search and search by column, sorting, pagination, filters and even Print button and PDF for a front-end export.

Once you set up a pricing list, you need to worry how to keep it updated. If you change your pricing, prices in list will be updated automatically.

Advanced WooCommerce price lists

With a WooCommerce Product Table  and you can create a simple price list with only name and price or use all additional plugin features you need.

Here is a list of advanced options for WooCommerce price list that can be useful:

  1. Use additional columns to display extra product data. WooCommerce Product table fully supports all WooCommerce product data such as SKU, Attributes, Categories.
  2. Add Attribute and Category filter drop-downs, Search box and Search panel for each column. Easy and fast navigation always help to increase sales.
  3. Make a list sortable. One click – and customers can sort columns with any type of content – numbers, text, date in ascending or descending order.
  4. Use Pagination to speed up load time and optimize your site. WooCommerce Product Table Plugin is powerful and very fast, but if your table contains 100’s of products, it’s better to improve performance by dividing the table into digital pages. You can even set the the number of rows to display on one Pagination page and Pagination Size.

Does plugin provide an option to print the price list?

With a WooCommerce Product table you can add Print and PDF buttons for a table, that allows customers easily get the copy of the price list in one click.


Product Catalog

The WooCommerce product table is perfect for creating a catalog.

You can display products in a searchable table with filters and customizable properties. With the WooCommerce Product Table, you can easily list all your items in a compact form and allow customers to view products all together and find what they are looking for.

Who needs a WooCommerce product catalog?

Product catalog, created with a help of WooCommerce Product Table plugin is a must-have for any store that needs a fast and easy way to represent lots of products. Structured table can include features to make viewing much more easier for users: , filters, keyword search and sort options.

Product Table can be used in such cases, such as:

  • Product catalog for product industry displayed in an easy-to-find format with full list of all products.
  • Wholesale catalog for trade users – structured, neat grid will help quickly find and order necessary products.
  • Catalog for food business – let visitors view the list and order foodstuffs online.

Customizible table properties to display products in the catalog view:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Attributes
  • Thumbnail
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Categories
  • Any custom fields
  • Buy (Add to cart button with quantity selector and/or multiple add to cart options)

You can include an “Buy” property and make your products available for purchase from the table Example without online purchasing.

Catalog without purchasing option:

Catalog with purchasing option:

WooCommerce Order Form

The main idea of ​​any store is to sell more.
A good solution is to add a quick order form on your website, using a WooCommerce Product Table Plugin.

Displaying items in this way can be a better way for customers to view and compare a list of products than the standard WooCommerce layout.

What the difference between standard WooCommerce store layout and using a WooCommerce Product Table as a order form?

By default, WooCommerce standard shop displays products by 3 or 4 products per row with large featured images, that occupy a lot of space on page. Also, product does not contain the full description, and customer have to click on it to get more information before purchase:

Standard shop format.

With WooCommerce Product Table, you can build a table to represent products in more useful, alternative way .

Products can be displayed in a structured table with a customizible image size to make layout as compact as you need and add any additional features: filters, full description, Multiple add to cart,  sort and search options and more.

WooCommerce Product table looks more advantageous compared to the standard WooCommerce store layout.

Table is more flexible, lets you display much more products and, what is really important, customers can select variations, filter the products, choose a quantity and add items to cart directly from the WooCommerce Product table to cart:

Product table

The layout of products gives first and main impression for your customers and has a big impact on sales and conversion rates.

That’s why is so important to choose the right layout.

On this example you can see that Product table Plugin represent the products in more compact way, make much easy for customers to navigate and explore the shop.

Product table and woo commerce layout

Instant AJAX Add to Cart

Also, you can see the Woocommerce cart form, updating in real-time:

Try to add some products and watch the changes. Customers can then click straight to the Checkout. This cuts out several steps of the usual WooCommerce order process and helps to increase your sales.

If you sure that WooCommerce Product Table already is matching your needs, you have to get know about all the features come with plugin.

Product Table Examples

With the help of WooCommerce Product Table Plugin, responsive and flexible table with selected products will be created automatically according to your requirements.

Displays your products in a fully responsivesearchable and sortable table.

Add Filters, Caption, Quantity selector and Multiple add to cart, Pagination, Highlighting by Mousehover, Row Striping, Borders and other options to your product table in one click.

You can look at the different examples below:




Sort, Search & Pagination

If you have hundreds and hundreds of items in the product table, such options as Sort, Search and Pagination are must-have for your store!

To add these features, you just need to enable a checkbox, it does not require coding.

  • Product table with Search feature will be twice more accessible to the users, and they will have better navigation and the ability to find any product in a couple of clicks! Our Plugin allow key-word search and searching by columns. 
  • Sorting allows to sort data rows on front-end and display data in an exact order. Indicator in the top of column shows which column is currently sorted and arrows point the direction of this sorting: ascending or descending. Sorting works for any type of content – numbers, text, date.
  • Pagination feature minimizes and divides the table into digital pages, so users do not need to view the full list, just click directly on the necessary page.
    In addition, Pagination will speed up load time and optimize your site.

Our dynamic WooCommerce Product Table plugin instantly displays content from your WordPress site in a flexible table view and make a table usage comfortable and easy.

Create product tables more understandable, easier to view, navigate and search with Supsystic!

Table Properties Variations

WooCommerce Product Table is a plugin that gives you full product data control and allows to build a table according to your exact needs.

Plugin supports the following properties:

  • Name
  • Attributes
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • SKU
  • ID
  • Add to cart button
  • Summary
  • Date
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Thumbnail 

You can display each type as a separate column in the product table. Also, you can make your own custom column title, simply edit the default one.

It’s the most flexible and user-friendly WooCommerce Product Table plugin, have a look the examples and make sure in it:



Attribute & Category Support

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports product Attributes & Categories.

You can display attributes and categories,  that was been added to the products as separate columns in the product table. You can also add filters above the table to allow customers to filter the products by attribute and category.

WooCommerce product table with Categories and Attributes: