If you have hundreds and hundreds of items in the product table, such options as Sort, Search and Pagination are must-have for your store!

To add these features, you just need to enable a checkbox, it does not require coding.

  • Product table with Search feature will be twice more accessible to the users, and they will have better navigation and the ability to find any product in a couple of clicks! Our Plugin allow key-word search and searching by columns. 
  • Sorting allows to sort data rows on front-end and display data in an exact order. Indicator in the top of column shows which column is currently sorted and arrows point the direction of this sorting: ascending or descending. Sorting works for any type of content – numbers, text, date.
  • Pagination feature minimizes and divides the table into digital pages, so users do not need to view the full list, just click directly on the necessary page.
    In addition, Pagination will speed up load time and optimize your site.

Our dynamic WooCommerce Product Table plugin instantly displays content from your WordPress site in a flexible table view and make a table usage comfortable and easy.

Create product tables more understandable, easier to view, navigate and search with Supsystic!

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