WooCommerce Product Table supports variable products and you are able to displays variation as dropdown lists. This feature increases the user experience and makes navigation much more convenient. Selection of the necessary product attribute incredibly flexible and fast with the Product Table.

You can either display variations as dropdown lists, as separate rows in the table.

Product table with variation dropdowns

Name Summary Thumbnail Tags Reviews Price Buy
Blue T-Shirt This is the product description , ,
4.00 out of 5
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Blue Hoodie This is the product description ,
4.00 out of 5
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Grey Hoodie This is the product description , ,
5.00 out of 5
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Variations on separate rows

Name Summary Thumbnail Categories Price Buy


In order to display variable products you need:

  1. Move to the WooCommerce Tab and enable checkbox. 
  2. Add the variable products into the table in Manage Table Content. You can use Search for products to add certain items.
  3. Add the table properties (“Buy” columns is required).

  4. To add a product variations on separated rows – enable “show variations” option. It will subdivide the variable product into a list of separated items. 
  5. Set the other settings to build a table according to your exact needs.

  6. Once you make changes in settings, you can immediately see the result in the preview – for desktop, tablet and mobile. Open the “Setting” tab and check the table.
  7. Add the Product table into website content with the help of shortcode.

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