With the help of WooCommerce Product Table Plugin, responsive and flexible table with selected products will be created automatically according to your requirements.

Displays your products in a fully responsivesearchable and sortable table.

Add Filters, Caption, Quantity selector and Multiple add to cart, Pagination, Highlighting by Mousehover, Row Striping, Borders and other options to your product table in one click.

You can look at the different examples below:




One thought on “Product Table Examples

  1. Hello

    We currently use the Barn2 Media product table plugin. If you want, you can see it in this link: https://www.campodebenamayor.es/frutas-secas/pasas-de-malaga/#1533619445835-a4be72ea-ea6a. This plugin does what it says and works well. However, not everything is wonderful pink …

    As you can see, the plugin is working for variable products and with several add-ons: Visual Composer and Prices & Discounts (RightPress). Your plugin can do the same.

    On the other hand, and in our particular case, we are not interested in applying the product table to all the categories of them. Only to certain categories. This is possible?. Otherwise, is it planned?

    Also, the implementation of the plugin in WooComerce is automatic (direct)? or, do we need to touch the code?

    As a clarification, we currently also use your Tables by Supsistic plugin in pro version.

    I congratulate you on this new and convenient initiative and I send you my most cordial greetings.

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