The WooCommerce product table is perfect for creating a catalog.

You can display products in a searchable table with filters and customizable properties. With the WooCommerce Product Table, you can easily list all your items in a compact form and allow customers to view products all together and find what they are looking for.

Who needs a WooCommerce product catalog?

Product catalog, created with a help of WooCommerce Product Table plugin is a must-have for any store that needs a fast and easy way to represent lots of products. Structured table can include features to make viewing much more easier for users: , filters, keyword search and sort options.

Product Table can be used in such cases, such as:

  • Product catalog for product industry displayed in an easy-to-find format with full list of all products.
  • Wholesale catalog for trade users – structured, neat grid will help quickly find and order necessary products.
  • Catalog for food business – let visitors view the list and order foodstuffs online.

Customizible table properties to display products in the catalog view:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Attributes
  • Thumbnail
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Categories
  • Any custom fields
  • Buy (Add to cart button with quantity selector and/or multiple add to cart options)

You can include an “Buy” property and make your products available for purchase from the table Example without online purchasing.

Catalog without purchasing option:

Catalog with purchasing option:

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