With WooCommerce Product Table Plugin you can list your products in any way you like – catalog, order form, more advanced table with extra features and columns and even create Price list.

Using our plugin, you need not to waste time creating a WooCommerce price list manually. You can easily make a dynamic price catalog for all your products, and add instant search and search by column, sorting, pagination, filters and even Print button and PDF for a front-end export.

Once you set up a pricing list, you need to worry how to keep it updated. If you change your pricing, prices in list will be updated automatically.

Advanced WooCommerce price lists

With a WooCommerce Product Table  and you can create a simple price list with only name and price or use all additional plugin features you need.

Here is a list of advanced options for WooCommerce price list that can be useful:

  1. Use additional columns to display extra product data. WooCommerce Product table fully supports all WooCommerce product data such as SKU, Attributes, Categories.
  2. Add Attribute and Category filter drop-downs, Search box and Search panel for each column. Easy and fast navigation always help to increase sales.
  3. Make a list sortable. One click – and customers can sort columns with any type of content – numbers, text, date in ascending or descending order.
  4. Use Pagination to speed up load time and optimize your site. WooCommerce Product Table Plugin is powerful and very fast, but if your table contains 100’s of products, it’s better to improve performance by dividing the table into digital pages. You can even set the the number of rows to display on one Pagination page and Pagination Size.

Does plugin provide an option to print the price list?

With a WooCommerce Product table you can add Print and PDF buttons for a table, that allows customers easily get the copy of the price list in one click.


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